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          • 《We

            《We're going to different schools》PPT教學課件

            外研版六年級英語下冊《We're going to different schools》PPT教學課件,共17頁。 復習 This is a letter. Please describe the structure of letters. 呈現 Lingling is going to leave her primary school. What is she doing? Lets see. Why is Linging...

          • 《Best Wishes to you》PPT教學課件

            《Best Wishes to you》PPT教學課件

            外研版六年級英語下冊《Best Wishes to you》PPT教學課件,共16頁。 創設情境 Best wishes to you! Good luck to you! You are a great friend. And I will miss you. 啟發思考 How can we appraise our friends? 自主或小組探究 The students are going to...

          • 《The name of the spaceship is Shenzhou》PPT教學課件

            《The name of the spaceship is Shenzhou》PPT教學課件

            外研版六年級英語下冊《The name of the spaceship is Shenzhou》PPT教學課件,共16頁。 啟發思考 Words about spaceship national flag model taikonaut 自主或小組探究 Do you like spaceships? Today, we are going to learn Chinese spaceship. The name...

          • 《He is playing but then the telephone rings》PPT教學課件

            《He is playing but then the telephone rings》PPT教學課件

            外研版六年級英語上冊《He is playing but then the telephone rings》PPT教學課件,共18頁。 創設情境 Lets chant The bell is ringing. The dog is barking. Little Tom is crying. But Sam knows nothing. 啟發思考 What would you do at party? 自主或小...

          • 《The apples are falling down the stairs》PPT教學課件

            《The apples are falling down the stairs》PPT教學課件

            外研版六年級英語下冊《The apples are falling down the stairs》PPT教學課件,共17頁。 創設情境 Collect words heavy adj.重的 kind adj. 善良的 get on 上車 go up the stairs 上樓 啟發思考 What can you help do at home? sweep the floor wash clothe...

          • 《I can

            《I can't carry all these things》PPT教學課件

            外研版六年級英語下冊《I can't carry all these things》PPT教學課件,共17頁。 創設情境 Lets chant Are you doing your homework? Are you making a birthday card? No, no, Im not. Im studying music hard. 啟發思考 Can the woman carry all these thi...

          • 《The sun is shining》PPT教學課件

            《The sun is shining》PPT教學課件

            外研版六年級英語下冊《The sun is shining》PPT教學課件,共18頁。 創設情境 Collect words shine v.閃耀 brightly adv. 明亮地 spoil v.掠奪 啟發思考 What can you see in the picture? I can see a naughty bird and a running dog. What are they doing...

          • 《I took some photos》PPT教學課件

            《I took some photos》PPT教學課件

            外研版六年級英語下冊《I took some photos》PPT教學課件,共15頁。 創設情境 Lets chant Last Sunday, I cleaned my room. I found a book about the kangaroo, the lion, tiger and monkey, too! So I closed the book and went to the zoo. 啟發思考 What...

          • 《It will rain in Beijing》PPT教學課件

            《It will rain in Beijing》PPT教學課件

            外研版六年級英語下冊《It will rain in Beijing》PPT教學課件,共15頁。 創設情境 Lets chant It will be sunny in Harbin. It will be cloudy in Tianjin. It will snow in Beijing. It will rain in Nanning. 啟發思考 Word class sunny adj. snow v. clo...

          • 《When are we going to eat?》PPT教學課件

            《When are we going to eat?》PPT教學課件

            外研版六年級英語下冊《When are we going to eat?》PPT教學課件,共14頁。 Warm up Free talk! What are you going to do this Sunday? Presentation Daming, Simon and Simons mum are in the park. What are they going to do? Lets have a look! Ask and...

          • 《What do you want to eat?》PPT教學課件

            《What do you want to eat?》PPT教學課件

            外研版六年級英語下冊《What do you want to eat?》PPT教學課件,共17頁。 創設情境 What do you want to eat? pizza hamburger hot dog What do you want to eat? cheese noodles ice cream What do you want to drink? cola milk juice 自主或小組探究 Lin...

          • 《I want a hot dog,plaese》PPT教學課件

            《I want a hot dog,plaese》PPT教學課件

            外研版六年級英語下冊《I want a hot dog,plaese》PPT教學課件,共29頁。 創設情境 Watch a video about advertisement for pizza What is the advertisement for? 啟發思考 Who can we meet in a fast food restaurant? cashier guest What can we have in...

          • 《What are you going to study?》PPT課件3

            《What are you going to study?》PPT課件3

            《What are you going to study?》PPT課件3 be am going to+動詞原形 is are 用來表示按計劃或要發生的動作,有準備;打算的意思。 I 用am;復數 (we they you 兩人以上)都用are;第三人稱單數(she he it人名)都用is will+動詞原形 The same :Ch...

          • 《What are you going to study?》PPT課件2

            《What are you going to study?》PPT課件2

            《What are you going to study?》PPT課件2 學習目標: 1.學習語句: What are you going to study? Im going to study Science 2. 識別單詞:history geography physics chemistry politics ... ... ... Are you going to go to middle school this Septemb...

          • 《What are you going to study?》PPT課件

            《What are you going to study?》PPT課件

            《What are you going to study?》PPT課件 1.I'm going to study HistoryScience and ChemistryMaths and Geographyand learn with my new friends happily! 2.Are you going to go to middle school in September? 3.Im going to go to Park Middle Scho...

          • 《We are going to speak Chinese》PPT課件5

            《We are going to speak Chinese》PPT課件5

            《We are going to speak Chinese》PPT課件5 物理 Physics 化學 Chemistry 歷史 History 九月 september 興奮的 excited Questions (1) What subjects is Daming going to study? (2) Where are Sam and Amy going to go? (3) What are Sam and Amy going to...

          • 《We are going to speak Chinese》PPT課件4

            《We are going to speak Chinese》PPT課件4

            《We are going to speak Chinese》PPT課件4 What are you going to do? Im going to dance have a picnic watch TV listen to music Answer the questions: 1. Is Daming going to go to middle school? Yeshe is. 2. What language(語言) are Sam and Amy...

          • 《We are going to speak Chinese》PPT課件3

            《We are going to speak Chinese》PPT課件3

            《We are going to speak Chinese》PPT課件3 We just had the Spring Festival. 我們剛過完了春節。 What did you do during the Spring Festival? 你們在春節期間做了什么呢? Did you celebrate(慶祝) the Spring Festival? Yes we did. / No we didnt....

          • 《We are going to speak Chinese》PPT課件2

            《We are going to speak Chinese》PPT課件2

            《We are going to speak Chinese》PPT課件2 study kindergarten primary school middle school 學習 幼兒園 小學 中學 A: Are you going to go to this September? B: Yes Im really excited. A: Ill miss you. B: Ill miss you too. ... ... ... Listen...

          • 《We are going to speak Chinese》PPT課件

            《We are going to speak Chinese》PPT課件

            《We are going to speak Chinese》PPT課件 What are you going to do? You can use: 1. have a picnic 2. listen to music 3. watch TV 4. dance Hello I am Tom. I am going to go to middle school. Im going to speak Chinese. Teaching aims 知識目標...

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